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Locker application

How do I get a locker?

Don´t have a Mietra locker yet? Then simply register online here  and your registration will be dealt with very quickly so you can be provided with a locker as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can fill out a registration form and send it to us by post - these are available in the school office.


I already have a locker, how can I rent another one?

It´s great that you´re so pleased with the locker! Of course you can rent additional lockers. Simply log in to the service portal  and rent one or more additional lockers under customer number.


How soon can I use my locker?

Once you have agreed to the direct debit, you will generally be given access to your locker very quickly. The rental fee an the deposit will be debited from your account as soon as we have provided you with a locker. Of course, we will provide you with an invoice with the direct debit information.


If you have not agreed the direct debit, you will be given the access data for your locker as soon as we have received the rental payment and the deposit.


Can I rent a specific locker?

If there are several locations at the school where lockers are available, we can note this and the locker height as a request on your application. Provided that there are free lockers available, we are happy to take your request into account when allocating the locker. If you don´t yet know which locker location is the best for your child, we will consult with the school office start the school year.


My child is very small. Will that be taken into account when allocating locker?

When we allocate a locker, we will take your child´s year into account and will not allocate any upper lockers to students in year 5 and 6. This ensures that your child is able to make optimal use of the locker. Later on, when your child is older, you have the opportunity to exchange for an upper one.


How many keys will I be given?

If traditional cylinder locks are still in use at your child´s school, one locker key will be sent to your home address by post. We would be happy to send you additional keys, if required, which are subject to an administration fee of €9.00 incl. VAT.

For combinationlocks, you will be sent the locker access data either by email or by post.


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