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Locker decoration for rent from 5,00 € per school year More information
Your pimp your locker styling set will be sent to your home address and consist of:

Premium Set

  • 1 wallpaper "WRAP": tearproof, waterproof, wipeable
  • 16 strong magnets "DOTTY" for the wallpaper
  • 1 super cosy carpet "FLUFFY" (35 x 50cm)
  • 1 magnetic wireless LED-lamp "HIGHLIGHT" with motion detector
  • 1 magnetic mirror "STYLE UP"
  • 1 magnetic whiteboard "MEMO" incl. pen and eraser
  • 1 magnetic pen holder "BOXXY"

  • Please note:
    A pimp your locker set can be included in your rental agreement and can be cancelled annually with a notice period of 4 weeks before the end of the school year. If you want to cancel the styling option please send the set back to Mietra. If you want to cancel the locker the set remains in the locker. We reserve the right to adjust the color of individual items, for example when stocls are exhausted. The function of the individual articel is not affected.
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