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Money issues

How much does a locker cost?

The rental fee depends on the size of the locker. Locker fees start from €23.40 for the first year of rental (incl. VAT, plus unique deposit €30.00), in the following year from €26.40 (incl. VAT).


Will the rental fee be charged pro rata if I apply for the locker after the first day of school?

The rental fee is based on a 12-month school year. If you apply after the start of the school year, the rental fee will be calculated on a pro rata basis for the remaining weeks of the school year. If you apply after 1 May in any year, the remaining rental fee for this school year will be added on to the rental fee for the following year.

From the second rental year onwards, the fee is due in advance, in line with the school year. Payment must be received in the rental company's bank account no later than the first day of the new school year or debited by the rental company at the start of the new school year.


Payment methods

Payment is generally made via direct debit. The rental fee and the deposit are debited from the rental customer's bank account in accordance with the direct debit mandate. To set this up, please enter your bank details on your registration and grant us the permission to debit your bank account.


Deposit refund

The one-off deposit is due at the start of the agreement. This is refunded at the end of the rental agreement without interest, provided that the rental agreement was cancelled on time and the locker was handed over in a clean and empty condition. 

For lockers with cylinder locks, your deposit will be refunded after you have sent back all original keys to the rental company. Combination locks must be left locked on the locker. 

The deposit will be refunded approx. one month after the start of the new school year after you have cancelled your rental agreement. For this purpose, please provide your full bank details again when cancelling. Any outstanding payments will be offset against the deposit. 


I received a reminder but have already paid

If the rental payment is not made, the rental company is entitled to cancel the rental agreement with immediate effect, to empty the locker and to change the lock. If you have paid your invoice but still received a reminder, fax us proof of payment to +49 (0)34 34 5 / 72 95 25, stating your customer number.


How will I receive my invoice? 

Your will receive your invoice via post or by email.


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