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Locker exchange

I would like a different locker at my school. 

Mietra gives you the option to exchange your locker if it is too high, too low or in the wrong location in the school buildings. You can request to exchange your locker here on the service portal or simply send us an email.

I have changed schools and would like a locker at the new one.

If you change schools, we give you the option to exchange your locker for one at the new school, provided it also has Mietra lockers available. In this case, your agreement remains unchanged. We will just send you new access data for the new locker.

If there are no Mietra lockers available at the new school, you have the option of cancelling the locker at the previous school with a notice period of 2 weeks from the end of the month. A change of school must be confirmed in writing by the school.



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