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General terms and conditions

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Mietra General terms and conditions
March 2018

1. Scope of Applicability 9. Direct debit mandate

2. Conclusion of the contract

10. locker insuance
3. Rental property 11. locker insuance PLUS
4. Rental term 12. Withdrawal policy
5. Rental 13. supplier identification
6. Deposit  
7. Other obligations of the rental customer  
8. Other arrangements  

1.   Scope of Applicability

The following Terms and Conditions shall apply to all business relationships between Mietra e.K., Heinrich-Heine-Str. 4b, 04651 Bad Lausick, Germany and yourself as the customer (rental customer).


2.   Conclusion of the contract

The customer rents a locker online or by completing the form, which is available in the school. The contract shall be concluded in German or English, depending on the language chosen. We do not save the contractual text and can no longer retrieve it once the order has been processed; you shall receive the contractual text as a PDF document in your confirmation email. Please safely store all documents and messages you have received from us.


You rent a locker by completing the following steps::

  1. In the first step, “School choice”, you select the town, the school, the start date of the rental and the class level.
  2. In the second step, “Locker selection”, you now enter your location, select the locker and additional contract options where necessary.
  3. Continuing along in the order process, you now enter your personal information and bank details for the direct debit authorisation in step 3, “Data Entry”.
  4. Now, before completing your order and sending off your order, you will receive an overview of all the information included in your order and the price on the “Checkout confirm & order” page. Should this information contain any errors, simply click “Back” and change the information. If your information is correct and you have confirmed that you have read the contractual terms and cancellation policy, conclude the locker rental process by clicking “Rent locker and agree to payment”.


If you have gone through the online order process by entering the information requested and clicked the “Rent locker and agree to payment” button in the last order step, you are agreeing to a binding proposal.


Once you have sent off your order, we will send you an email, which confirms our receipt of your order and lists the order details (confirmation of your registration).


This confirmation informs you that your order has been received by us. At the same time, we accept your proposal and the rental agreement enters into effect subject to lockers being available. Together with the confirmation of your registration, you will receive all additional customer information, which you should print out for your records.

3. Rental property

The rental customer will be provided with a school locker for their child's sole use. The key or the number combination will be sent to the rental customer. The Mietra® combination lock may not be exchanged for the customer's own padlock. The Lessor is entitled to remove third-party padlocks without notice. Rental customers are not permitted to exchange lockers.


4. Rental term

The term of the agreement shall be for a period of one (1) school year and shall be renewed for another school year if the agreement is not terminated with a notice period of four (4) weeks prior to the end of the school year. School leavers shall be entitled to an extraordinary right of termination with a notice period of two (2) weeks to the end of the month. School leaving must be confirmed by the school in writing.


5. Rental

The rental agreement begins when the rental payment and the one-off deposit are debited. The rental payment is due as an annual amount. Where rental starts during a school year, a pro rata rental payment will be charged. In the case of outstanding payments, the Lessor reserves the right to change the lock at the expense of the rental customer.


6. Deposit

The rental customer will pay a one-off deposit for the locker. This deposit is not subject to interest and is refundable after due cancellation and checking of the locker and, in the case of a cylinder lock, the return of all original keys to the Lessor or, in the case of a Mietra® combination lock, the lock is left locked on the locker. Outstanding payments will be offset against the deposit.


7. Other obligations of the rental customer

The rental customer is obliged to treat the school locker with care and to keep it clean. The locker must be completely emptied at the end of the agreement, and at the end of each school year. Maintenance work will be carried out by the Lessor during the summer holidays. The Lessor assumes absolutely no liability for the contents of the locker. The Lessor must be informed of changes to contact data and bank account details.


8. Other arrangements

The school office has a master key. They are entitled to open the locker in emergencies without the consent of the rental customer. The school is authorised to inform the Lessor of changes to address data or if the rental customer is leaving the school.


9. Direct debit mandate

The rental fee and the deposit are debited in the first rental year from the customer's bank account in accordance with a direct debit mandate within one week after the conclusion of the rental agreement. In subsequent years, debiting is usually made towards the end of the summer holidays. The rental customer will grant the Lessor a direct debit mandate.


10. Locker insurance

You can book the locker insurance to your Mietra-locker. The insurance protects the content of your locker up to €500. Not insured is cash money, and consumer electronics, especially mobile phone, MP3 player, tablet PC, laptop. Besides, not insured is the locking system at your locker. Damages at the locker which are caused through burglary have to be reported to the police immediately.

 11. Locker insurance PLUS

You can book the locker insurance PLUS to your Mietra-locker. The insurance protects the content of your locker up to €1000. Not insured is cash money. Damages at the locker which are caused through burglary have to be reported to the police immediately.

12. Withdrawal policy

Consumers are entitled to a statutory right of withdrawal. A consumer is any natural person who enters a legal transaction for purposes that mostly neither commercial nor their independent vocational activity may be attributed.


Right of withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw from this agreement within fourteen (14) days without the need for explanation.

The withdrawal period is fourteen (14) days from the date on which the agreement was concluded.


In order to exercise your right of withdrawal, you must inform us (Mietra e.K., Heinrich-Heine-Str. 4b, 04651 Bad Lausick, Telefon: +49 (0) 3 43 45/72 95 0, Telefax: + 49 (0) 3 43 45/72 95 25, E-Mail: of your decision to withdraw from this agreement by means of a clear statement (e.g. a letter sent by post, facsimile or email). You may use the attached template withdrawal form to do so, though the use of this form is not required.


In order to meet the withdrawal deadline, it shall suffice to send notification stating that you wish to exercise your right of withdrawal prior to the expiry of the withdrawal period.


Should the customer receive locker access only after the expiry of the aforementioned withdrawal period, out of good will we shall grant him or her the additional opportunity beyond that required by law to withdraw from the agreement within a period of fourteen (14) days upon receipt of locker access with no explanation necessary, but by mean of a clear statement addressed to us.


Consequences of withdrawal

Should you withdraw from this agreement, we shall refund all payments we received from you, including delivery costs (except for additional costs arising if you select a delivery method that differs from the most cost-efficient standard delivery offered by us) immediately and no later than within fourteen (14) days from the day on which we received notification of your withdrawal from this agreement. We shall use the same payment method for the refund that you selected in the original transaction, unless expressly agreed otherwise with you; under no circumstances shall you be charged a fee for this return.


If you have requested that the services begin during the withdrawal period, you shall pay us a reasonable amount proportionate to the services already performed by the date on which you informed us of your exercising your right of withdrawal with respect to this agreement compared to the total amount of services provided under this agreement.


Should you exercise your right of withdrawal, you may return to us any locker keys already sent at our expense and at our own risk by post.


Premature expiry of the right of withdrawal

The right of withdrawal shall expire prematurely in particular for those agreements governing the provision of services where the contractor has rendered the service in full and has commenced performance of such services only after the customer has explicitly consented thereto and has thereby confirmed their knowledge of the lapse of their right of withdrawal upon complete fulfilment of the agreement by the contractor.


End of withdrawal policy

Sample of the withdrawal form

(Should you wish to withdraw from the contract, please complete this form and send it back.)

- to Mietra e.K., Heinrich-Heine-Str. 4b, 04651 Bad Lausick, Telefax: + 49 (0) 3 43 45/72 95 25, Mail:


- I/We (*) hereby give notice that I/we (*) withdraw from my/our (*) rental agreement no.: ……… governing the provision of the following service


- Ordered on (*)/received on (*)


- Name of customer(s)


- Address of the customer(s)


- Signature of the customers(s) (only for notice in hard copy)


- Date

(*) Please strike through as appropriate.


13. Supplier identification


Mietra e.K.
Heinrich-Heine-Str. 4b
04651 Bad Lausick


Tel.: +49 (0) 3 43 45 / 72 95 0 (Mon-Fri from 08:00a.m.-06:00p.m.)

Fax: +49 (0) 3 43 45 / 72 95 25



represented by
Jörg Trautner (owner)
Mietra e.K.
Heinrich-Heine-Str. 4b
04651 Bad Lausick


Commercial register
Local Court of Leipzig
Commercial register number: 12875
VAT No.: DE815673661


customer service: | Tel.: +49 (0) 3 43 45 / 72 95 0



sample of the withdrawal form

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